Kanbun and Kanei Uechi
- Uechi-Ryu  Karate-Do Originators -
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-   At the Neves Karate Academies we teach:
Uechiryu Karate -Do. Known and practiced worldwide. It is a strong formidable style of martial art. There are many Uechi-ryu schools and organizations throughout the world. The style is known as the convergence of the Tiger, Dragon and Crane systems of southern China. Founded by the Okinawan Grand Master Kanbun Uechi.
Syoubukai Kobudo .This method of Okinawan weapons practice utilizes the BO staff, Nunchaku, Sai, Tonfa & Kama. We also teach Chinese FAN form.
Neves Kipranachi This skill is completely new (originated in August 2016) and has been established by Mr. Manuel "Manny" Neves. After over 50 years of practicing 
and teaching one method of karate, after a certain time, various innovative skills 
come to mind. This is a completely new method and has four (4) unique kata. This style has qualities of the Bear, Snake and Fox. A New England Style.
About Us
Manny Neves has been studying Uechiryu Karate since 1966. He was born in New Bedford, Ma and raised in Lynn, Ma. He's been fortunate to have learned a great deal about Uechiryu Karate-Do from many outstanding instructors. He continues to study and tries diligently to teach his students a deeper meaning of martial arts. He's developed a methodology he calls KIPRANACHI that'll inspire you and want you to look closely at yourself to see how really weak you are and to find a means of strengthening those weaknesses. It requires humility. The first key to learning. 
Jared Neves, shown on the right, is Manny and Sheila Neves' son who has been practicing Karate since 1997 when he was three years old. He's been in many martial arts arenas and recently went to the Philippines with his Dad to visit family and learn what's called Kali-Arnis-Mano-Mano Prakitakal Systems (KAMPS). He's an extremely quick learner and has much to teach the students of the Neves Karate Academy.
Manny  and Jared Neves
Sheila Neves
Mrs. Sheila Neves has been studying karate since 1986. She exemplifies the spirit of martial arts: Honesty, Courtesy, Respect, Discipline and Honor. She has reached a higher plateau of knowledge by exhibiting courage in the face of much adversity and has proven herself many times over to be a great warrior., She teaches her students always with great understanding of the skills of martial techniques and she teaches with compassion and care at all times. She studies martial art knowledge with deep devotion. She's competed in many tournaments and has received many first places in her divisions. She teaches karate regularly at both Neves Karate Academy dojos.
At the Neves Karate Academy we value the ideas of others. We recognize that martial artists are a diverse group of individuals. We're looking to do a lot of traveling starting this year!! We're planning on visiting many locations worldwide!!  We'll tell you all about it when the time comes. We're looking forward to some new martial arts adventures.
Martial Artists train everywhere