Kanbun and Kanei Uechi
- Uechi-Ryu  Karate-Do Originators -
Neves Karate Academy
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-    Uechi-ryu Karate-Do is an Okinawan method of proven self-defense. 
     It's practiced world-wide and continues to be respected throughout the
     martial arts community

-    Karate training takes place in Lynn and Plympton, MA in
     a formal atmosphere (Dojo) with an emphasis on etiquette
     and self-control.  We maintain clean and neat facilities.

-    KobuDo is an "old martial arts" method of self protection utilizing various 
     Okinawan farming implements and other devised weaponry. The weapons 
     that we practice with are the BO, Tonfa, Sai, Kama, Fan, and Nunchaku.
About Us
Manny Neves, Kiyoshi, is the founder and head instructor of the Neves Karate Academies. He's an 8th degree Black Belt in Uechi-Ryu KarateDo, a 5th degree black belt in Kobudo, and a licensed practitioner of Seitai, Shiatsu. He's competed and won first place in over 100 tournaments and has over 20 grand championship awards. He started the Lynn Academy in 1984 and teaches at both academies. He has trained in Okinawa numerous times, the first of which was for 1 year (03/1972-04/1973) in Futenma Okinawa under the guidance of the Grandmaster Kanei Uechi. He's one of only 3 American instructors still teaching today who trained under the guidance of Kanei Uechi for at least one year.  He is a Vietnam Veteran (US Army's 173rd Airborne 503rd Infantry Brigade) and has a BSEE from Northeastern University, Boston, MA.
Jared Neves, Master Arakaki and Manny Neves
 at the Okinawa Yaguebaru Dojo in 2008.
Manny Neves
Sheila Neves
Mrs. Sheila Neves, Renshi, is a 6th degree Black Belt in Uechi-ryu KarateDo and a 2nd degree black belt in Kobudo. She has been practicing Uechi-Ryu KarateDo for over 25 years, trained in Okinawa on 5 separate occasions and has competed internationally in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She teaches Karate and Yoga at the Neves Karate Academies, in Plympton and Lynn. Sheila Sensei is loved and admired by her many students because she exemplifies the high character required for mastery of the various Okinawan weapons and martial arts skills and is considered a true role model by all the members.
Mr. Manny Neves is a certified practitioner of the Toyo Seitai Jissen Gakuin school of Oriental medical pressure point of Tokyo Japan. License No. 0982. This Seitai  (Shiatsu) is a type of pressure point technique for healing.  It can be performed on anyone.  You'll get back to feeling like yourself. It'll give you a lift so that you can go back to doing the many things you enjoy. It's related to martial arts. This method is generally taught to long time practitioners of the martial arts.
Seitai Shiatsu - Practiced by Appointment