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​BE PASSIONATE. Anyone who's been practicing martial arts for over a year soon recognize that there are no miraculous secrets to getting good at the physical techniques the instructor is trying to convey. The student who goes home after class and forgets about what he/she was taught goes back to class the next time and has to re-learn the exact same physical skill.The "muscle-memory" hasn't connected yet. The new skill should be practiced with a passion.Dream about it. See yourself using it against that imaginary opponent. Let it stick. If you do that after a class you'll go back to the next training session with new excitement and a passion about learning something new. 

So it is about a passion for learning. However you get that passion doesn't matter. You might get it from karate friends, the karate movies (some good,some not so much), some martial art books (again some good, some not so much). But one of the best ways is to see yourself in your mind's eye. What do you want to be? Does Karate play a part? Yes of course, that's why you're training. So it is up to you to generate passion about who you want to be and what you want to become.

After several years of continuous training a renewed passion comes about after discovering true self knowledge about your martial skills. Stay tuned in for those disccussions.
Manny Neves