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Uechiryu KarateDo
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Neves Kipranachi
KAMPS (Note: We only teach
Filipino KAMPS at the very
beginner level at this time)
Neves Karate Academy
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​​​People who know me (or think they know me) recognize that I, along with my family members have been instructing Karate, specifically Uechiryu Karate Do since 1984. I actually started studying Uechiryu Karate Do in 1967. I received my first degree black belt (Shodan) from the founder of the style, Kanei Uechi  in November 1972. I first went to Okinawa while in the US Army. My tour there was from March 1972 to April 1973. I actually went to Okinawa as an Ikkyu (3 stripe brown belt). The experience I had in Okinawa training in the fine art of Uechi-ryu Karate Do, to this day, inspires me to continue with what I learned back then and to continue to teach that way​. The three instructors I reference on the home page of this site are easily recognizable, if you're one of the fortunate instructors who have the big Uechiryu textbook in the kanji language​. As I mentioned the gentleman to the far right is Nakahodo. The other two gentlemen I believe their names are Komesu. I could be wrong and don't know what their history is. All I know is that when they came to the Futnma dojo, the place lit up like an energy ball. I felt that energy and saw the amazing skill that I have yet to see duplicated by anyone to date. When you're just 22 years old and see someone or some individuals of that talent do the katas and yakusoku kumites it makes an everlasting impression on you and inspires you to get better. Point being, inspire others with your instructional methods and most of humble like them. M. Neves