Neves Karate Academy
135 Essex Street
Lynn, MA 01902
Tel. No. (781)-595-8870

Neves Karate Academy
355 Main Street
Plympton, MA 02367
Tel. No. (508)-367-9458

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Uechiryu Karate-Do is a remarkable gift to society provided by the Okinawan people. When you truly begin to understand the martial arts you'll learn a lot more about your own personality and how you can bring out the latent positive talents that exist within you for the good of our society. The job of the knowledgeable instructor is to help the students first recognize and then achieve their highest potential. In days past, it was known as helping the student open their inner eye.
Neves Karate Academy
Lynn - (781)-595-8870
Plympton - (508)-367-9458

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135 Essex Street, Lynn MA
355 Main Street, Plympton MA
Please leave your message on our answering service when you call. Be sure to ask about our various SPECIALS that we run periodically for new members. We will be back in touch with you as soon as possible. An appointment can be made to discuss your interests in the Academy.

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