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We teach:
Uechiryu KarateDo
Syoubukai Kobudo
Neves Kipranachi
KAMPS (Note: We only teach
Filipino KAMPS at the very
beginner level at this time)
Neves Karate Academy
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​​​It felt great to start instructing Karate again last night after over four months of not teaching martial arts. This pandemic has wreaked havoc throughout our whole society. If you were use to practicing martial arts regularly before we were instructed to "Stay at home" then I'm sure you found a way to maintain your skills and stay in martial arts condition. If you didn't train during the 4 month hiatus you might find a slight uphill battle. But either way, we're back training with our masks on and practicing the min. 6 foot rule. It's okay and you'll get used to it. It won't last forever. The main thing is that your knowledge is sound and your instructor knows that everyone is different and that it's not important to go all out the first few weeks. So good luck in your martial arts endeavor and I hope to see you again soon. Manny Neves