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Why Neves Karate Academy?

*   Over our many years (over 50) of consistently practicing and teaching one method of Okinawan Karate-Do, a valuable new adaptive martial art has emerged that'll surely test and strengthen the flexibility and might of not only the new student but you long time (and stiff) practitioners as well.  Manny Neves started teaching at the Lynn, MA dojo in June 1984. He's competed in many arenas and has been respectful to all martial artists. This is where you want to be if you want to try something that may open your closed eyes, while still practicing the style you love so much.
Manny Neves 
8th Degree Black Belt Uechiryu Karatedo
5th Degree Black Belt Syoubukai Kobudo
1st  Degree Black Belt  Neves Kipranachi
Sheila Neves
7th Degree Black Belt
Uechiryu Karatedo
3rd Degree Black Belt
Syoubukai Kobudo
Sankyu Neves Kipranachi
In the near future I hope to express my thoughts about martial arts. I've been practicing and have been a part of the "martial arts world" since really around 1962. That's way before many practitioners today were born. I want to express views that'll be helpful to your martial arts progress. Some of which you may find very surprising. Also I'll give some perspectives on the creation of my style called Kipranachi. So keep an eye out for that. That correspondence will be indicated on this site on the CONTACT US page. I think you'll enjoy it and learn a few things as well.

Manny Neves
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