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135 Essex Street, Lynn MA
355 Main Street, Plympton MA
Why Neves Karate Academy?

Manny Neves opened the Lynn, MA dojo in June 1984. He's competed in many arenas and has been respectful to all martial artists. Manny and Sheila Neves started the Plympton academy in 2008. Both academies have a strong identity for martial arts training.

We love to teach at both academies! It's wonderful to see the young (as well as older) students develop into skilled martial artists. They develop confidence in themselves and a high degree of respect for others. This will help them thrive in all of their future pursuits.
Manny Neves 
8th Degree Black Belt Uechiryu Karatedo
5th Degree Black Belt Syoubukai Kobudo
1st  Degree Black Belt  Neves Kipranachi
Sheila Neves
7th Degree Black Belt
Uechiryu Karatedo
3rd Degree Black Belt
Syoubukai Kobudo
Sankyu Neves Kipranachi
In the CONTACT US page of this website you'll be able to read some things I've learned and discovered about martial arts practice over my many years (>50) of learning, competing, teaching and contemplating the study of great fighting skills. When you study something that long, what you say should have meaning that others can follow. That is as long as you're being truthful and have been actually in the dojo training and  practicing and not just giving "lip service" to your ability. In my case, I've been training regularly in my 2 dojos and other individual's dojos for years.
Manny Neves
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