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Address change

We've moved our dojo to the space at 137 Essex Street. in Lynn, MA.  It's the same building. I've used the space in the past for advanced black belt training. Now that the larger space is a restaurant, we'll use the smaller space at 137 for our main dojo.

Challenge Question


Back in 1972 when I tested for my shodan, 1st degree black belt, I had no clue or understanding as to who the three (3) gentlemen to the left were that sat in as officials for the exam. The test was at the Futenma Uechiryu 
headquarters dojo in Okinawa. Master Uechi Kanei and at least two other
Individuals were also on the board. I didn' t know it at the time, but these
gentlemen were the highest ranking individuals and top students of  Master
Kanei Uechi. Do you know who they are? I can tell you that the gentleman to the far right is Master Nakahodo who's going strong today. I believe they were all Rokudan, Renshi at the time. To date, I haven't seen anyone with a more heightened knowledge or development of Sanchin Kata than the gentleman on the left. 
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