Neves Karate Academy
Lynn - (781)-595-8870
Plympton - (508)-367-9458
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135 Essex Street, Lynn MA
355 Main Street, Plympton MA
Why Neves Karate Academy?

*   We have over 25 years of teaching experience
*   2 convenient locations teaching Karate & Yoga
*   Learn discipline and self focus
*   Instructors trained and studied in Okinawa
*   Gain self-confidence and become more secure
*   Learn the best in self defense and fighting skills
*   Become physically fit and stay in top condition
Why Try A Yoga Class?

*   Relieve stress and tension
*   Become flexible
*   Work out and tone your body 
*   Strengthen your mind
*   Improve personal health
*   Learn relaxing breath techniques

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Manny Neves
8th Degree Black Belt
Sheila Neves
6th Degree Black Belt
Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2014
Uechi-Ryu KarateDo Youth Tournament!

We hope to see everyone
 again next year.
The Neves Karate Academy 2014 Uechi-Ryu KarateDo Youth Tournament
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