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135 Essex Street, Lynn MA
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Why Neves Karate Academy?

We're extremely confident that we can help all students that have a desire to learn Martial Arts. The training is not just for individuals that are already in shape. It's for strengthening you physically and mentally. You could say that martial arts training strengthens your mind, body and spirit. We teach Okinawan KarateDo and Kobudo . We teach a personal style called Kipranachi and recently we've started teaching Filipino KAMPS. If you have a real interest to learn martial arts come and visit us.
Manny Neves 
8th Degree Black Belt Uechiryu Karatedo
5th Degree Black Belt Syoubukai Kobudo
1st  Degree Black Belt  Neves Kipranachi
Sheila Neves
7th Degree Black Belt
Uechiryu Karatedo
3rd Degree Black Belt
Syoubukai Kobudo
Sankyu Neves Kipranachi

Recent Events & News

Here we are, Jared and Manny Neves (2nd & 3rd from right) with the dynamic husband and wife KAMPS team, Reynaldo and Ivy Senson. Their student Chris is so kind as to take a selfie for us. Rey and Ivy are the founders of Kali-Arnis-Mano-mano Praktikal System (KAMPS). This is a dynamic, practical method of utilizing the sticks (seen here), knives, etc. This is in the Makati area of the Philippine Islands. We received an intensive seven (7) day training session which taught us the essential aspects of KAMPS. You too can learn this at the Neves Karate Academy.
                      The Neves Karate Academy going strong since 1984!!